beauty product on a table
beauty product on a table
beauty product on a table

I transform your natural lashes into their 2.0 version.

No fake lashes, no eyelash curlers. Just a perm and a tint (if desired) on your own eyelashes, and you have beautifully curled and enhanced eyelashes for 4-8 weeks. Pure magic in just 30 minutes!


✔️ A perm + tint of your natural eyelashes, with vegan products

✔️ The treatment takes 30 minutes

✔️ The effect lasts 4-8 weeks

✔️ No maintenance necessary: ​​24 hours after the treatment, you can already put on/remove makeup, swim, sweat, etc.

1. I place your eyelashes on the small silicone mold after placing it on your eyelid

From this moment on, your eyes will be closed for the next 30 minutes.

2. I put on lotion #1: LIFT (~ 6 minutes wait)

This lotion will break the disulfide bridges of the lashes (and therefore undo the natural curl of your lashes) in order to be able to restructure them as desired in the next step. Your lashes will then molds into the silicone mold the way I placed it on your eyelid.

3. I put on lotion #2: SET + TINT (~ 6 minutes wait)

At this step, I mix the tint of your choice (2 types of brown or black) with lotion 2 which will reform the disulphide bridges of your eyelashes and therefore take the curve that I gave them.

4. I condition/moisturize your eyelashes and you are already ready to live your best life!

You will only need to avoid touching your eyelashes/wetting them during the first 24 hours.

My promises
(in addition to giving you beautiful lashes)


My products come from a canadian company, The Lash Shop, and I choose to use their vegan products.


I offer my treatments to everyone who wants to have beautiful eyelashes. <3


It will be a pleasure for me to get to know you/to talk about lots of things with you, but if you want silence, that is also welcome and I will respect it.


Who are you, behind @eye.make.lashlifts?

Does a lashlift damage lashes?

Are your products vegan?

Can I wear my contact lenses during the treatment?

Could I have an allergic reaction? / Is it suitable for sensitive skin?

What should I do to maintain the lashlift?

At what time interval can I come back for another lashlift?

How much does it costs?

Is there a parking?